Busy Women & Moms Discover How To Get Lean & Lose 10 - 20lbs of Body Fat In As Little as 8 - 12 Weeks - Guaranteed!

(Or I'll Work With You For Free Until You Get Results)

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If you're looking to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE, WORK HARD, and be part of a program that WON'T LET YOU FAIL...I WILL PERSONALLY WORK WITH YOU to help you LOSE 15 - 20 POUNDS and BURN FAT within the NEXT 90 DAYS!

  • Kick yo-yo dieting to the curb and finally be able to achieve results that last a lifetime even if you've tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work

  • Boost your confidence, energy, and get lean muscle tone without restrictive diets or endless hours on the treadmill

  • Continue eating your favorite foods, enjoying meals out and drinking alcohol while still achieving draw dropping results.

  • Lose 15 -20lbs and lose inches in 90 days or less, and if you don't achieve any results, I'll work with you for FREE for another 90 days!

What You'll Get Inside The Healthy Habits Fitness Program!

Healthy Habits Fitness App

Week-By-Week Calendar:

To keep track of your program and all your daily tasks.

Live and Recorded Exercise Sessions:

Acquire knowledge and skill to complete every exercise safely and get maximum results.

Grocery Shopping List:

Detailed list of all the foods needed for the week.

Daily Habit Remiders:

Never miss a workout or important "to do" item to create lasting new habits with daily reminders.

Progress Tracking:

I personally monitor your progress each week and make adjustments and modifications to your plan to ensure success.

No need to worry about plateaus. Together we'll focus on becoming 1% better everyday to achieve progress to last a lifetime.

Custom Fitness Program

Progressive Training Plan:

Targeted to your specific goals. At the gym or home.

You'll be guided step by step though a 5 phase progressive plan that will boost your metabolism, burn fat, and build lean muscle mass.

Detailed Nutrition Guide:

Starting you off with our Shred Strategy, I'll share my structured flexibility approach giving you freedom and choice of foods to get your body burning fat right way!

With our PHD based food list, recipe guide, and more so you will never get bored or burnt out.

Supplementation Guide:

Breakdown of specific health supplements to support your overall health and performance.

Habit Guidance :

Receive specific daily goals to complete like walking 10, 000 steps, drinking 64oz of water,

Support & Accountability

Unlimited Support:

Direct access to me via messenger around the clock

Membership Site:

Lifetime access to the WFOB Healthy Habits Fitness educational portal, creating a new you through mindset coaching and establishing a NEW view of yourself-worth. Nutritional education and resources included,.

Weekly Coaching Calls:

To make sure you are on track and the program is working for you. We will meet weekly to celebrate your wins, determine your challenges, create your 7-day fitness plan, nutrition goals, and habits to focus on for the week.

Weekly Accountability:

Daily messaging throughout the week to hold you accountable and keep you on track with your goals.

Inspiration :

You'll join our private community support of like-minded women on the same path as you inspiring and supporting one another every step of the way.

Here ARE a few RESULTS

After our busy women and moms joined the Healthy Habits Fitness Program..

Book Your Free Game Plan Call Below!

You will walk away from this call with clarity, confidence and a clear game plan in place for you to start getting results within the next 7 days.

"... It's been very motivating and very healing. It just has really worked. You look for healthier ways to enjoy the things that you always enjoy."

"... with you as my coach and meeting the other women of this program, like, it almost feels like a family. I feel like I've gained so much."

"... Just do it, like, take the step. You won't regret it. Put your health and happiness as a priority. Once you actually build the habits, it's really not that difficult, and you don't even think about it anymore."

"... It's just so easy. Definitely the program works. It's not difficult. It's easy to follow

"... I lost 27.5 inches and my G.I. doctor released me from his care! "

"... I can't believe how much fat I lost! "

"... I'm happy where I am, I don't want to go down anymore. So I want to flex and look like I'm flexing. I want people to go - Oh look at those muscles! "

"... It all makes sense, and I've gotten past the, I don't want to, I don't have time to, to like, this is important. "

"... I lost 14lbs. The best thing of all, is people kept looking at me in the summer and commenting on how toned I was and asking me how can I get those arms?!! "

"... I have a lot more energy I've noticed. And surprisingly, I don't think about food like I used to. "

Book Your Free Game Plan Call Below!

You will walk away from this call with clarity, confidence and a clear game plan in place for you to start getting results within the next 7 days.

Book Your Free Game Plan Call Below!

You will walk away from this call with clarity, confidence and a clear game plan in place for you to start getting results within the next 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm interested in joining, what exactly am I getting?

When you join the Healthy Habits Fitness program, you will be given a proven system that has transformed hundreds of busy women and moms lives. This will include EVERYTHING from sustainable and reasonable nutritional programming, metabolic boosting exercise protocols, mindset coaching, our educational membership portal, ongoing support, weekly live coaching calls, and an environment with likeminded busy women and moms who are all on the same journey.

  • How is this different than all the other stuff out there?

Most weight loss programs will give you a cookie-cutter diet that involves giving up the foods you love and sacrificing your life to get in shape. Inside of the Healthy Habits Fitness program, we believe in long term results, which means everything we do is based around enjoyment and sustainability.

  • Why do I need to qualify to join?

The reason why we're very selective with who joins the Healthy Habits Fitness program is because we only want to work with busy women and moms who are committed to changing their lives. If you bring in anyone and everyone, it's only going to lower the standard of our community, and we refuse to tolerate low standards for ourselves and our clients.

  • What if it doesn't work?

We understand how many BS weight loss programs are out there, so we don't blame you if you're feeling skeptical. This is why our program comes with GUARANTEED results. If you join the Healthy Habits Fitness program and don't achieve any results in your first 8-12 weeks, we'll coach you for free for another 8-12 weeks - no questions asked.

WFOB Healthy Habits Fitness Program- JULIE DILEO

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